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If I Were
by Pam Thum

If I were a wall
I'd fall down around you
And build you a home where you
Could be safe and warm
I'd keep out the cold
Yes, I'd be your shelter
If I were a wall
If I were
If I were a storm
I'd gently pass over
And send down my rain, sweet, rain
To cover your tears
I'd fade till the sun
Could shine down upon you
If I were a storm
If I were

I'd seal every promise
And follow the softest words
To fall from your lips
And I would live on forever
In only a moment
If I were a kiss
If I were
If I were a prayer
I'd rise without ceasing
Lifting you higher with
Each breath that I'd take
I'd cover your soul
With only a whisper
If I were a prayer

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