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Pamela Means Lyrics

Iraq Iran
North Korea try to stand
Bush, Bin Laden and Saddam
Each of them with dirty hands
Meet Dick Cheney oil merchant
Former head of Halliburton
Had an oil transport plan
A pipeline through Afghanistan
Then Chairman Cheney left the post
To join the George who lost the vote
Now next in line he often quotes
Whispering of ancient Rome
The cause of economic toil
Is disruption of the oil
Greet the dawn of an American peace
A new world order century
We need more military bases
To force feed American faces
On each and every continent
With resources to compliment
Our addiction to affluence
And the whims of pretend presidents
The stage is set for a ruler to enter
Stormtroopers will stop dissenters
Rome did not negotiate
Mapped the land and laid to waste
I am Caesar, I am George
My empire is well on course
Well, of course
I got a fine penthouse in Washington
Kick back and watch the Potomac run
Patio's perched toward the setting sun
Bought the oval office I am my daddy's son


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