Pantheist Lyrics

I envy Thee my Lord
So many times I envisage myself
Sitting on your celestial throne
Looking at the world
Through eyes of contempt and hate

Laughing at human insignificance
Erasing their lives with a single thought

Let them destroy each other
Cut each other to pieces
Let them transform themselves into demons
And project their wickedness to Satan
My Lord, I envy Your apathy

Contributed by Lila L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ben Martin

Funeral doom... hell yeah!!! Love this band!

InGe CrUsHeR

one of my favs bands this funeral doom kick ass...

Wla Froes

mourning beloveth, pantheist, shape of despair. the best doomers in world!!!!

Schema. Muzyka Kresu.

We remember your concert in Wodzislaw Slaski in Poland. Greetings from Schema!

Brian Skala

My Lord, I envy your apathy!!!

Martijn Geelhoed

Everything was chaos because everyone was drunk!

New England Dirt Roadie

is there a "conceptual/psychadelic" doom/sludge/death metal band called Intelligent Design? that does songs about "creationist" ancestry?


Don't forget evoken!

Brian Skala

2:53 sounds like a mistake.