Papadosio Lyrics

Why don't we own up to it?
It's salt in the wound
We spread like a virus until it's consumed.
No we don't listen to it -
"I'm not in the mood"
"I'm not in the mood"
"I'm not in the mood"

You didn't get to choose it,
But it's up to you.
The Earth isn't trying to turn into feud.
Why don't we try to use it?
We're missing the cues;
We run right past the clues,
And now we're waiting on you.

Why don't we all come to it?
Why don't we all run to it?
Why don't we all run to it!?
Why don't we all come to it!?

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Comments from YouTube:

Chad Schaner

how does this only have 11 thousand views.... i know ive listened to it at least half of that amount

Alex Weimann

Chad Schaner grate minds think alike. not grate minds listen to stuff like phish. knawmean? hahaha

Julie Esposito

@2:55 - @3:45 has to be my favorite part in the song! It gives me chills I never thought I could have. Makes me want to get up and dance to the beast like I'm in an electric forest. It's bliss! Found my inner peace in music, happiness and my true character

Boris Sheen

you'd be hot if you weren't balding.

Tyler Buchanan

heck yes! That's what music if for!! Let it take you on a wild ride of self discovery!

ThreeEyedRaven 92

The beginning with the lyrics is the best, great massage. But the whole song really is amazing

Gypsy Nurse

Julie Esposito that's my favorite part too!

Leeda Bijani


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If your still listening 2019 you know real sound !


Let’s go!!

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