Made Of
Parabelle Lyrics

I'm not the best in person
Sometimes the destinations end between your memories
And your fingertips softly touching me

Stay strong, beside you is where I belong
I look real close and I see what you're made of
It's just dust and air nothing to spare
I said it all when I said

My words have limitations
They have the best intentions
But all I see is you and me
I cannot see you without me
I held back, for so long
But this is where we are now
Can you believe that you are here with me

Stay strong, beside me is where you belong
Just look real close and you'll see what I'm made
It's just dust and air, nothing to spare
You said it all when you said you weren't scared
To face the world with me
I'm letting go, you have my all
And I say my darling, I'll spend my world with you
It wont be overrated, all the fate says how the hell'd I get so jaded

You bring me back to a place where I can see
You bring me back and you fix the broken part of me
And together we'll stay strong
Cuz this is where we belong
They'll look real close and they'll see what we're made of
Its just dust and air but nothing compares
We said it best when we said we weren't scared


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Comments from YouTube:

Kayla Amos

Love this song :)

Gabby Rcaz

such a beautiful song...

Jacob Doss

Such a romantic song <3 I love Kevins play with words in his songs. He's a great lyricist.

Kayla Amos

I really want this song as mine!! <3


@arlosky100 yeah, his voice is amazing! :)


<3 mine and my boyfriend's song(:


who the hell could dislike this?!


Did Kevin record all of his vocals to the old songs in a bathroom?!

Mabel Dasia

Aww ♥


@gabita91 yes, it is :)

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