Slow Dance
Park Yu Chun Lyrics

I wanna get the perfect feels
오늘 밤 dance floor time
무대 위엔 조명이
Can I keep a secret feel
내 귓가에 속삭여
My music is perfect, real

살짝 움직일게 손짓 하나
다 내 맘대로
점점 syncin' to the tempo
막은 올라 I take control

I wanna slow dance
숨죽인 순간
I wanna slow dance
눈은 side to side
다들 소리 지르지 my main stage
모두 잊고 자유로운 movin'
I wanna slow dance
I wanna slow dance

내 입 속에서 맴돌았던
I think I can get you smile
나직한 속삭임들 음 음
상상해봐 나의 musical change
속도를 감당하길
완전히 crazy for you

미로 속에 나를 던졌어
But I still know where to go
유연하게 흐른 tempo
잊을 수 없는 dance floor

I wanna slow dance
숨죽인 순간
I wanna slow dance
눈은 side to side
다들 소리 지르지 my main stage
모두 잊고 자유로운 movin'
I wanna slow dance
I wanna slow dance

I don't care
신경 쓰지 않아 그건
No one can
설명할 수 없다 해도
Need the air
섬세하게 지켜보는 이유
My only reason

I wanna slow dance
깨어나지 마
I wanna slow dance
꿈은 day & night
다들 소리 지르지 my main stage
모두 잊고 자유로운 movin'

I wanna slow dance
I wanna slow dance
I wanna slow dance
(I wanna slow dance in my place yeah)
I wanna slow dance
(I wanna slow dance in my place yeah)

Writer(s): David Brown, Ryan Williamson, Je Hyung Kim, Jonny Price, Jonathan Percy Starker Saxe

Contributed by Tyler R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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박유천 허위고소녀들 범행인정하다

Park Yu-chun turned out to be the victim of a false accusation.

Park Yu-chun was dismissed as "not guilty" without going near the trial.

On the other hand, the first false accusation was sentenced to two years and two months in prison, while the second false accusation was sentenced to three years in prison.

Lee, who falsely accused Park Yu-chun, admitted the crime during the second trial.
Lee followed Park Yu-chun, who went to the toilet.
And She took off his clothes and rushed in first.
On the contrary, Park Yu-chun was a victim of sexual violence.
An incumbent lawyer said, "Like a woman who falsely accused Park Yu-chun, it is common for a woman to push a man into the toilet and run sexually."
She turned out to be an ex-convict who committed the same crime.
It turned out that she had been repeatedly filing false accusations of sexual assault.
Also, she and the gang blackmailed and threatened Park Yu-chun's agency.
And it turned out that Park Yu-chun first reported the Lee's party to the police.
The judge sentenced her to two years in prison, saying she was very guilty.

A second woman who falsely accused Park Yoo-chun had a phone call with her acquaintance, an accomplice, saying, "It's not sexual assault("I was not sexually assaulted")"

The second woman admits to herself that it's not sexual assault.

(The first woman admitted the crime in the second trial and apologized to Park Yoo-chun) 

The prosecution demanded three years in prison for her. 

The second false accuser also made an absurd and ignorant excuse, saying, "I was in a safe bar, but I didn't rebel because he was a guest, so I cooperated in sex with him, and "I sued him because I didn't give him a contact and I didn't get anything." 

Ten Cafe, where Park Yoo-chun went, is a place where there is no official sex trade. 

Ten Cafe is a system that talks to customers for about 15 minutes and changes the bar girls constantly.

The false accusers, however, said they did not rebel because Park was a guest and cooperated in sexual relations, only making ignorant excuses. (An acquaintance of the second woman is a man who conspired together to extort money. When Park Yoo-Chun tried to sue the first plaintiff, the first woman canceled the charges.When the second woman saw it, she thought she had received the money and filed a lawsuit the next day.)

In Korea, there is a Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, so there is almost no prosecution against women for sex-related crimes. In Korea, false accusations are not punishable.

If a woman insists that it was unintentional, she won't be punished. Women have a very high authority in Korea.There's also a recent case of sexual assault with no evidence. In Korea, men are guilty of sexual assault because of the 'women-centered special law' when a woman takes off her clothes on her own. 

In Korea, crimes of false accusation are punished only by evil, very, very bad. Like the women who falsely accused Park Yoo-Chun, womens are prosecuted when womens are clearly false. 

The second woman referred to a large law firm's lawyers.But all the lawyers resigned, saying she was a false accuser. 

Finally, the second woman signed up with a lawyer who said, "I plead for money and I'm playing the media to solve the case." Especially when the first false accuser went to jail, the second false accuser did nothing to stop her from going to jail. 

The second female lawyer made false press plays, a false press conference hiding behind a folding screen, 385 women's organizations to prevent her from going to jail for a second time, and sent out false stories like Park Yoo-Chun was the perpetrator of the prosecution's interrogation, filed financial complaints without evidence, etc. 

In South Korea, the 'women's organization' is also recognized as a mad fanatic organization that goes around screaming, saying, "Men are unconditionally perpetrators, and women are unconditionally victims."It is not an ordinary group of women. 

The second woman lawyer is so active in helping criminals that she's been exposed and anonymously told to practice lying with fake witnesses. So Park Yoo-Chun tried to die because of her second false accuser. 

The loudest media player in the history of Korea is the second woman to falsely sue Park Yoo-Chun. Not just an ordinary woman, but a bar girl. The second woman was a fan of Park Yoo-Chun, so she didn't fight back, and she had children, and she was a promiscuous woman. 

She was a patient who had been treated mentally since childhood. But the second woman lawyer, frankly, shamelessly made a false press play that she was an innocent and ordinary female college student. 

At first, the police said, "Park Yoo-Chun's accusers don't even seem to know the meaning of sexual assault." "I've been responsible for more than 1,000 women in sexual assault cases since my investigation," the second female prosecutor said."But I've never seen a woman like the second woman who sued Park Yoo-Chun, who never gathered any evidence of sexual assault, and said anything that only made nonsense."  

The Park Yoo-chun case was so outrageous that no lie detectors were used.

The second woman to falsely accuse Park Yoo-Chun is not sexually assaulted by an acquaintance, and there's plenty of evidence that she's not a victim of sexual assault. However, the Korean press unilaterally published fake articles of the second false accuser who only talked to herself for more than two years. Ninety-nine percent of Korean articles about Park Yoo-Chun are fake.

That's why Park Yoo-Chun keeps saying that the media is scary. Park Yoo-Chun is not a media player at all. He depends on the law.So he was tricked by women who played the press.  If you want to know about Park Yoo-Chun, never read the article and ask a true fan who knows about Park Yoo-Chun. Recently, a top star in his 50s was sued by a bar girl in South Korea.But there was only one accuser and only the informers followed.The complainant continued to stress to the media that she had no intention of receiving money.So no woman follows for money. 

On the other hand, the first woman to falsely sue Park Yoo-chun exposed too much of the smell of extortion. And when Park Yoo-Chun tries to take the first woman to a false charge, the first woman withdraws the charge. 

The second woman who saw it thought she had received the money and conspired with an acquaintance to sue. The third and fourth woman ran away when Park Yoo-Chun tried to sue her for nothing.This is the class of bar girls.

They have a bad head. (In the past, there was also a case of a bar woman who falsely accused a top Korean comedian of sexual assault and fled to the U.S. after the comedian was cleared of charges) The most loud of all was Park Yoo-chun, Park Si-hoo and Joo Byung-jin, both of which were charged by promiscuous bar girls.All three came up with evidence of false accusation or circumstantial evidence of false accusation.

They're not victims of sexual assault, so there's no shame in them, so they're in the media. The women who falsely accused Park Yoo-Chun were all smiles in the court of acquittal.They must have forgotten the shame of being a bar girl.

In fact, victims of sexual assault have only 15 percent of complaints because of shame, and they don't even want to show their hair because of shame.However, the women who falsely accused Park Yoo-chun have no shame at all and are as cheerful as a regular case of complaint.Park Yoo-chun is not guilty of going anywhere near the trial.Park Yoo-chun didn't even go under indictment.   

●A case of Park Yu-chun under a drug charge.

●The sex scandal of women in bars who falsely accused Park Yu-chun.
(The first woman falsely accused him of wanting money.The rest of the woman followed the first woman out looking for money, mistaking it for a billion won)

박유천 허위고소녀들 범행인정하다

@Angel Tina ●A case of Park Yu-chun under a drug charge.

●The sex scandal of women in bars who falsely accused Park Yu-chun.
(The first woman falsely accused him of wanting money.The rest of the woman followed the first woman out looking for money, mistaking it for a billion won)

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One of my first crushs in kpop, back in 2008. >.< I feel so old now.

dream cacher

dont feel old bcs they are also never aged and still also the best

Mila Korzenski

You are xD I was born 2008 😥 So TVXQ were not my generation :(

Earthtoken 1

We can feel old together cause he was one of my firsts as well.


Omg! Me too! Micky yoochun is my first bias in kpop history!!! 😍

tvxq yoochun forever tvxqjyj

why old?you are just young but not teenager i think

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노래 진짜 잘 뽑혔는데.. 하


I will always continue to support you Yoochun. Please never stop singing your voice is very beautiful


우리 유천님은 못하는게 없다 진짜루~~ 춤 노래 연기 얼굴 몸매 섹시함 귀여움~~ 만능이시라~~~ 박유천 영원히 빛나리~~~~💕💕💕


노래도 잘하고 연기도 잘하고 춤도 잘추고 키도 크고 잘생기고.....진짜 아쉽다 누가 점 살려내 ㅠ

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