Rolling Stone
Passenger Lyrics

Sometimes I feel I'm going nowhere
Sometimes I'm sure I never will
She said it's 'cause I'm always moving
I never notice 'cause I never stand still

Sometimes I feel like I'm falling
Falling fast and falling free
She said "My darling you're not falling,
Always looked like you were flying to me."
But I fear I've grown a rolling stone inside of me
She said "Oh don't you know
The rolling stones stop at the sea,
And that's where I'll be."

Sometimes I'm sure I know no one
A thousand faces but no names
She said "My love you do know someone,
Oh and I know you back just the same."

"But I'm scared," I said, "what if this stone don't slow down?"
"Oh just be aware," she said
"What goes up will come down
And when you do I'll be around."

Oh when I've dragged this rolling stone across this land
I'll make sure I leave this stone in her hand
For we both know too well, the rolling stones turn into sand
If they don't find a place to stand

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Comments from YouTube:

Raphael Garcia

Mhmm... there's just something about Passenger and his ability to relieve your day of all the stresses and pain.

Berlioz Linden

Thank you mahogany sessions for always bringing me these beautiful songs filled with passion, it's absolutely amazing that i can just scroll through the songs and never get bored of the different songs that fill this channel with pure feelings.


@Berlioz Linden We just love the music. It's all about the artists for us, they're the talent.

Mike Alby

I absolutely love Passenger, and I have to say this is my favorite recording of this song. Mahogany Sessions really does an artist justice when they do these. thank you for highlighting musicians in a beautiful stripped down honest way.

ememem steph

i bet that jiggling sound came frm a dog XD hence his smile


You're spot on. A lovely Yorkshire Terrier

Z Chubb

Ugh Passenger is too lovely. 


@Z Chubb Yes, yes he is.

Megan Franey

God I love passenger! Not only is his music beautiful, his lyrics thoughtful and his guitar skills stunning, but he is honestly such a lovely human being. His concert at red Hill auditorium was such a magical night, a beautiful location and a brilliant vibe💗

Brie L

Passenger is by far one my favourite lyricists of all time!

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