Staring at the Stars
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Tobacco stains our yellow teeth
And all our fingers and underneath
Our fingernails, that clasp on sheets
As we try desperately to sleep

Hearts are sad and eyes are tired
And all this Red Bull keeps us wired
Gives us wings
It gives us rings around our eyes
We put three sugars in our tea
Sit to watch too much day time TV
And laugh at mums
Who don't know who the father is

And all our girlfriends are long gone
We watch too much internet porn
Who needs love
When you've got silicone and strap ons

And beer bloats our spoiled guts
And shit jobs keep us in ruts
And keep us eying up
The what's and ifs and buts and maybes

And falling over in the street
Is just a part of every week
And we lie drunkenly
Just staring at the stars

Remember when they were in reach
And all the teachers used to teach
You can do anything
If you put your mind to it

We put our minds to it all
But disappointment crashed the ball
We could have done anything
But we just never quite knew it

So tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night
Tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night

And tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night
And tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night

Oh oh, so tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night
And tie your scarf on tight
It's to be a cold night


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I spent 2 months in a psychiatric hospital, and every night a bunch of the younger people (maybe 18 years old to 35 years old) would come and sit around on the ward. Maybe 10 of us, spread across hospital beds, visitor chairs, and the floor. One of the patients had his guitar with him, and he and a girl used to do songs and covers as evening entertainment. Nearly every night this song would come up or be requested. I remember sitting on the floor by the nurses station one night after they locked the doors and dimmed the lights, listening to this song and looking around at everyone else.

Everyone was so different, and we had nothing in common except mental illness. Mainly depression/bipolar/borderline. Everyone was worn down, anxious, alone, after suicide attempts or rapes or abuse or other such trauma, nursing cups of tea, and listening to this guy strumming this out and singing to us. The girl sang duet on the chorus.

It meant so much at the time. It captured everything about the moment, about where we were. It made me feel lost, and trapped, but also at home, and like everything was going to be alright. The girl committed suicide a month or two after that. I'll probably never see any of those people again. But for the 3 minutes of this song, we were family, we were together, we were staring at the stars and just trying to get through another night.

I love this song.

Barri Kiaey

Respect bro 😶

Gareth Houghton

Stay strong you’ve come through that I hope you find a little peace I know it’s hard I battle with myself every day. I’ll never get there I know that but I won’t give up and I hope you don’t either. Stay safe head up people do give a shit sometimes. There’s no harm asking for help it’s not a weakness it’s a strength. You ever need a chat just reply. X

Good Riddance

Good luck to you

Rebecca Pennycook

I love this

Erdbeer Lara

maybe she`s in the stars now... who knows what she believed in ... scary but at times it is like that ;)

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Adelaide Lazarski

This song is so underrated

Violet Kay


The backyard guy




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