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Things I Don't Do
by Paul Baribeau

don't expect you'll still be my best friend
don't expect we'll talk much after this
don't get the feeling this is not the end
that doesn't mean i can't dream dream dream

about you with your blue winter coat on, dream
about you with snowflakes in your hair, dream
about you kissing me christmas cookie kisses

don't expect to get over you easy
don't expect the world to come to end
don't believe you can't go on without me
that doesn't mean i can't dream dream dream

about coming home to you late at night, dream
about you sleeping with the tv on, dream
about you kissing me warm sleepy kisses

don't expect it coulda gone any better
don't believe coulda got any worse
i don't believe we'll get back together
that doesn't mean cant dream dream dream

about putting your shoes on by the front door, dream
about you grabbing your keys off the table, dream
about you kissing me good bye, bye

bye bye bye goodbye

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