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When You Go Back to College
by Paul Baribeau

Do you remember Christmas break?
We hung out almost every day,
and I can honestly say I fell back in love with you.
Your hair is my favorite, sometimes I really miss it,
Maybe I'm being stupid or just a little sentimental.
I know you've made some new friends,
and I have made some new friends,
and we've still got the old friends,
we still got each other,
so when you go back to college try and send me a letter,
and I'll try to come visit but I work so much this semester.
I always liked your smile, and I always loved your laugh,
and the first time that we hung out you let me hold your hand,
Your red hair is my favorite,
now I know I'm gonna miss it.
Maybe I'll try and visit but everything is gonna be different.

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