Paul Young, Behind Your Smile - Live at the Royal Court, Liverpool: We need your help!

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Behind Your Smile
by Paul Young

I believed every word that you said
When you told me that you were my friend
And if we could adjust each other
and might as well bring it to an end
But to stop me, that was all okay,
and you just should ask me if I can
And you tell me everything that was happening
It seemed like everything was shared

But now behind your smile,
and we are all around your shoulder
As it grows even wider, I can see,
I can see behind your smile
Hey hey hey hey

Now you, you tell me that I owe you,
woman, you owe me all right
And you, you never seem to telephone
Or tell me when, when you're gonna be
But, but, but now you got your memories
And you got the money that I earned, uh-huh
The only thing that I have now is a lesson I have learned

But behind your smile,
As it grows even wider, I can see,
I can see behind your smile
You got—you gotta—hey hey hey

All right, yeah yeah

Behind your smile,
oh and we’re all around your shoulder
As it grows even wider, I can see,
oh I can see behind your smile
Yeah, hey!

I can see behind your smile, oh now now,
care for me, care for me
Yeah hey hey hey hey yeah yeah carefully
Oooh, find your temple, are you my own size?
Oh oh oh oh oh oh, hey hey hey hey
I can see behind, behind your smile,
care for me, no no
You can't help me no more,
I learned my lesson well, uh huh
I learned my lesson well, huh huh, yes I do, hey hey yeah
I learned my lesson well

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