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There's a time for us to let go
There's a time for holding on
A time to speak, a time to listen
There's a time for us to go

There's a time for living low down
There's a time for getting high
A time for peace, a time for fire
A time to live, a time to die
A time to scream, a time for silence

A time to scream, a time for silence
A time for truth against the lies
A time for fate, a time for science
There's a time for us to shine

There is a time for mis-believing
There's a time to understand
A time for hurt, a time for healing
A time you run, to make a stand

Oh, this is the time of our lives
Oh, this is the time of our lives
Oh, this is the time of our lives
Oh, this is the time of our lives

Hold on

Written by: Paul Van Dyk

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Comments from YouTube:

Nathan Kilcourse

This album has always been in my top 10 albums in my life. This was truly one of the best pieces of work he ever put out amongst others. I was 16 when this album dropped and will never forget how many memories I have listening to this track during sunrise. I'm not in to trance anymore but this is way beyond that. Always has been. Thanks for the upload mate, Cheers.

Scott Graham

It's funny you mention sunrise, because I used to enjoy this and 'Pikes' 😍.. Around 6am still on it with my mum, who loved him. Times were good mate, and they go away so fast :)


I was 18 when it was released, I feel some kind of euphory when I play this album....i really like it. 👍✌

Adriaan Bull

Same here. I was also a teenager. Man, the dreams and feelings I experienced while listening to this album.

Frank ONeal

one of the greatest album....every track is a "meisterwerk"

lee parkes

Couldn't agree more

Chris Eve

Never tire of listening to this album in the car. Perfect cruising music.

Wil Womack

The ultimate chill song. Paul is the master of this genre. 


this album is one of those my true love and I would cuddle to and just enjoy the speechless connection we had when we me and would allow the E to just take us to a place that is only ours. and today we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.


absolutely beautiful...

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