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El Punto
Paulo F.G. Lyrics

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Lenny Tavárez Qué falsedad Que por se tan iguales no podamos estar juntos …

We have lyrics for these tracks by Paulo F.G.:

Hace Tiempo Dímelo girl, contesta el cel Ya ni siquiera me has querido…
Me Gusta Cuba G-Soul on the beats Me gusta que Tú y yo conectemos Cuando n…
Me Gusta Tanto G-Soul on the beats Me gusta que Tú y yo conectemos Cuando n…
Meneate Hektor G El Maestro del Perreo amonoos tra, tra, tranquila …
Pasta Con Tostones hook] tutti sanno che mangio pasta pasta tutti tutti tutti s…
Te Deseo Suerte Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah Me dice "lo siento" Pero lo sien…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thank you, FG!!!!!!! You should have more videos. You would have been definitely more famous if you had had more videos with your songs. As a great fan that I have been, in today's media world, so many mediocre singers and artists are much more known than you are because they have been more marketed through videos and media, not because they are more talented. You have always had the secret sauce, buddy, which is more than many artists from your generation can say. Your lyrics are strong and carry a message plus your musicians have been some of the very best. God bless you!!!!!


El punto es que somos iguales… igualitos! Te elijo hoy, mañana y en la otra vida también! T

Dania Durand

me encanta esta cancion

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