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The expedition had fifty recodes
Forty roses and neglect
Make your way, way, way far away
Where you stay, where you play
Where do you play?

Can you say what you need when you really need it?
Are you gonna feel it?
Lady I know, know, know you don't
Need no license for your petty, petty, petty crime

If I should function two layer under
Around the circle, luxury is so tough
So toughen up, toughen up
I'm not tough enough
Tonight, we interact like separate worlds

Spoken barriers, you hurl
Saw you curl

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Pavement's song Extradition are quite elusive and puzzling. The first few lines, "The expedition has fifty goes, Forty roses I neglect, Make you way way way way way way way far away," appear to be referring to someone or something that the singer is trying to escape or avoid. The repetition of "way" creates a sense of distance and separation. The theme of escaping or leaving is further emphasized in the next line, "Where you stay where you play." Here, the singer is asking the listener where they go to play and have fun, but the tone is almost accusatory or challenging, as if implying that their idea of fun is not valid.

The following lines are even more cryptic, "Can you say what you need, When you really need it? Are you gonna feel it?" These lines could be interpreted as a commentary on the difficulty of communication and connection in relationships. The next verse introduces a character, "Lady," who seems to have committed some sort of crime, but the singer suggests that she won't face any consequences, "No prices for your petty crime." The last lines of the song, "Tonight we interact like separate worlds, Spoken variants you hurl," end the song on a dissonant and unresolved note. The interaction between the two characters feels futile and hopeless.

Overall, the lyrics present a fragmented and disjointed narrative that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. They touch on themes of isolation, communication breakdowns, and the difficulties of forming meaningful connections with others.

Line by Line Meaning

The expedition has fifty goes
I have plenty of attempts to achieve my goal

Forty roses I neglect
I am not interested in superficial rewards

Make you way way way way way way way far away
I suggest you distance yourself from me

Where you stay where you play
Tell me where you reside and what you do for fun

Where do you play?
Where do you spend your leisure time?

Can you say what you need
Are you capable of expressing your desires?

When you really need it?
Can you recognize and articulate your true needs?

Are you gonna feel it?
Will you truly experience the satisfaction of getting what you want?

Lady I know-know-know you don't
I understand that you do not

No prices for your petty crime
You will not be rewarded for minor offenses

If I should function two layer under
If I were to work beneath my potential

Around the circle luxury is so tough
In this environment, it is difficult to attain luxury

So toughen up, toughen up,
You need to be stronger

I'm a toughin' up
I am becoming stronger

Tonight we interact like separate worlds
Tonight we will communicate as if we are from different worlds

Spoken variants you hurl
You express various versions of yourself verbally

Saw you hurl
I witnessed you express yourself in this way

Written by: Stephen Malkmus

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