Grave Architecture
Pavement Lyrics

Come on in
Grave architecture
Grave architecture
Walk the marble malls
The monuments to those who fall
And it's a pocket less than narco shell-bit
Stiff the crypt and the others are rough
And the hood's so rad
And I'm fucking glad
Glad to see that, know what it means
It takes a lot
Grave architecture
Grave architecture
Stroll past the strip
Is it old?
Am I clipped?
Am I just a bathtub waiting to be gripped
Or found on shady ground?
And the lampshade's poised
On the overwhelm drugs,
And needs the talent to breathe
It takes a lot
Oh yeah,
You want to be like a blind fish
Positive, we're positive...go!
Takes a lock-grip, baby
To put you to war
And I'm pushin' you back than ever ?
That'll push you hard
It takes em...


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Kihm Sanders

It took me a little while to discover these guys, but they quickly became one of my favorite bands.  Such imagination, the willingness to take such musical risks, such a level of diversity in their music made them easy to love.  They handle all kinds of musical expression with joy and dexterity, so that each new song was a unique experience.  Pavement, thy creativity bubbles over...


3:00 Me whenever I try to play a guitar solo


Works pretty well for the song's intents and purposes though

Tim Tim

How to write a Pavement song:

Intro/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Verse/ M U L T I P L E P A R T G U I T A R F R E A K O U T W I T H R A N D O M S I N G I N G

Avey Tare

Isn't it beautiful? Love the jam to "Half a Canyon." so good live too

Terry Sommers

don't forget the fake endings


This was my favorite song while i was on the darkest time of my life, getting over sequels of the use of methamphetamine and a several depersonalization. Now i'm good, incredible tune btw.


"Come on in."

Simon-Pierre Beaudet

Pure genius. Every track.

Jemzo Maclain

This is such a groovy song

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