Grave Architecture
Pavement Lyrics

Come on in
Grave architecture
Grave architecture
Walk the marble malls
The monuments to those who fall
And it's a pocket less than narco shell-bit
Stiff the crypt and the others are rough
And the hood's so rad
And I'm fucking glad
Glad to see that, know what it means
It takes a lot
Grave architecture
Grave architecture
Stroll past the strip
Is it old?
Am I clipped?
Am I just a bathtub waiting to be gripped
Or found on shady ground?
And the lampshade's poised
On the overwhelm drugs,
And needs the talent to breathe
It takes a lot
Oh yeah,
You want to be like a blind fish
Positive, we're positive...go!
Takes a lock-grip, baby
To put you to war
And I'm pushin' you back than ever ?
That'll push you hard
It takes em...


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Marty Schwartz Here

One can not simply listen to this song without doing a seductive "come on in".
Most feel good intro to a song.

Kihm Sanders

It took me a little while to discover these guys, but they quickly became one of my favorite bands.  Such imagination, the willingness to take such musical risks, such a level of diversity in their music made them easy to love.  They handle all kinds of musical expression with joy and dexterity, so that each new song was a unique experience.  Pavement, thy creativity bubbles over...

Ernie Chene

I love this underrated album! It took me a while to listen to the whole album, after I did, it was in my car CD player for a couple months. Crooked Rain I played non stop the whole time I went to Ferris State University 😁. Slanted & Enchanted? Mouth of a dessert changed my life! Great song indeed mate! Thank goodness for BUILT TO SPILL AND PAVEMENT!!!

Unauthorised Service

@Avey Tare if any1 can, the can can

Avey Tare

@Riley .Powell and pavement is a good door way to the fall and can

Riley .Powell

mate, know exactly what you're saying.Built to spill was my doorway to pavement and it seems that most people that listen to one band loves the other aswell. not a bad pavement song. just the epitome of chill and cool without even having to try.


This was my favorite song while i was on the darkest time of my life, getting over sequels of the use of methamphetamine and a several depersonalization. Now i'm good, incredible tune btw.

Simon-Pierre Beaudet

Pure genius. Every track.


3:00 Me whenever I try to play a guitar solo

dest fuehler

tis why you're bassist

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