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Is it Too Late
Pedro Del Mar Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Is it Too Late' by these artists:

Breeze & MOB It too late Too late Too late Too late Too late Too late Too…
Koinonia Thought I had all the answers I didn't listen to my…
Sonnet Son 너무 멀리 왔나요 주님게 돌아 가기엔 사랑의 주님 그 품을 떠나 내 영혼…
Squeeze I have no reason to lie to her I've been…
World Party Talk about biting that hand that feeds Sitting there watchin…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Pedro Del Mar:

Feel We Waved Our Hands Goodbye That Day I Know That She…
Feel (DJ Shog remix) (feat. Emma Nelson) We Waved Our Hands Goodbye That Day I Know That She…
Reverie From the stage I see you In the shadows, staring into space …
Steal You Away Like a thief in the night I take you far…
Still With Me Slow down Let me be still with you Still with me Slow d…
Tears of the Dragon (feat. Ridgewalkers) (Pedro Del Mar's Analog mix) Dragons' tears will burn You and I were a story from…

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@goggles789 The only tool here is someone assuming WAY too much about a game that hasn't released yet.

The amount of the game seen so far is way too small to be making any conclusions about at this point in time.
Hate to break it to you but every game is "redundant" no matter what. You've heard of a gameplay loop for a reason.
There's also no such thing as a stolen mechanic. If a developer wants to adopt a mechanic from another game then so be it. There's no rule against it... unless they actually use source code from another company's game without permission.
You really think they're going to have unskippable cutscenes after them being skippable in the previous game? If it wasn't in that TreeHouse build, it's likely going to be in the final build.
And if you don't like the EMMI insta-deaths then tough luck because they're apart of the game's theming and mechanics. Get good at either avoiding them or timing the melee counter to escape!

Seriously, it's one thing if you don't like the direction a game is going but to assert the game is "garbage" to the world *before it's even released*, or before you even personally play it for that matter, is dumb. People like you are what's wrong with gaming culture these days. It's like you are trying to be a contrarian for the sake of itself.

Dr Xeno

I am still waiting for "Something about Metroid: Fusion"

Just waiting

haha still waiting

Metroid: Fusion is the second best Metroid game haha

ooh the Subspace Emissary finally came out.

Its been more than 1 year, still waiting......

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Samus : "does fortnite dance"

Subtitle : cringe


As it is...



Maria Angels Gost

0:45 dababy LESGOOOO

Dexter Power Blaster

It is cringe

Dark at Hearts

And that's where the budget went

15 More Replies...

penguin. png

Can we appreciate how the Samus vs Ridley fight was actually epic.

Alex Shilo

I know! It is genuinely one of the coolest animated fights I have seen in a long time.

Maanvir Tomar

Yeah like an anime fight

Nash Devers

4:03 Ridley goes sicko mode.

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