Peeping Tom Lyrics

Gotta Getaway
16 Seconds to Make It
Come On Mike
Escaping the Situation
I'M Out of the Trap Zone
The Ringer Turned Off on My Cellular Phone
The Intern History
Holder of the Silver Money Folder
Black Overcoat Must Come In By Midnight

You Got To Getaway
You Got To Getaway
You Got To Getaway Because Were Here to Stay

My Getaways the Boat
Pier 39 By The West Side Highway
My Skin Is On Point
I'M More Easier Out
Police on My Trail
I've got Slide Away
Move Away Like Express Mail

My Imagination Surprise You
Like The New York City Subway
3rd Rail
One Half Missing
Three Third's Failed
Can't Be Tracked Down By the Phone
Definitely Not By Email

We Get Off On Them
The Back Alleys Then
You Look Familiar In A High School Way
We Gotta Get A Way
They Get Off on Us To
Sirens Screaming Red and Blue
lonely Streetlight's Don't Know My Name (?)
We Get off on Them

Runnin' Runnin' Runnin'

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eleni ff

Escapin the situation,
im outta the trap zone, (trap zone)
the ringers turned off on my, cellular phone (cellular phne)
the interm wants to be...detector, hold up, the silver money fold up, black and the cold is commin by me

you got to get away, you got to get away
you got to get away, because were here to stay

my gettaway is the boat(boat)
P.O.39 by the westside(holla)
my skin is on point (on point)
im more easy to rob,
police on my trail, i gotta slide away like that express mail (mail, mail) 

you got to get away, you got to get away
you got to get away, because were here to stay

my imagination surprise you,
like the new york city subway,
third rail, one half is missing, three third fail
cant track down, by the phone, what if we lie by email

we get our-men..the bac-ck allys in, that look familiar inna highschool, baby, we gotta get away
we get up on us too, silent screams in red and blue, lonely streetlights that dont love my name, looks familar, we get our way, baby 

you got to get away, you got to get away
you got to get away, because were here to stay

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Dexenation Gracey

Imagine Dr. Octagon and Bungle era Patton, that would be some star trek shit.

Sandan Saiyan

@One Punch Flan and very very pervert 😂

Sandan Saiyan

@One Punch Flan rip Doom😭

One Punch Flan

Kool keith always reminded me of the Mike patton of hip hop just for his sheer originality and always pushing the envelope

One Punch Flan

Fuckin right or dr doom and Mike patton

The Moment

Ugh this album is so good


Great track, exactly what I'd throught it'd be with these two. I'm gonna find this album somewhere.

Sandan Saiyan

Father of avant-garde metal and father of avant-garde rap in one really atmospheric trip hop song. Triple combo 😎


screams at how good.

Evan Abbott

“Definitely not by E-MAIL...”😁

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