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by Peter Frampton

I'll give you money
I'll give you lovin'
I'll give you everything
But heaven above

I'll give you all I have right now

I'll give you money
I'll give you lovin'

I'll give you kisses
Sweet as honey
I'll do you everything
'Cept make the sun shine

If I could change the world right now

Make you happy
Stop your cryin'

All of my life I've been dreaming
'Till you came my way
All of your life aren't you searchin'
For love forever

All I need is someone to believe in me
Even if you're losing
Watching from behind everything

I'll give you sun and
Lost all my money
I threw it all away
But now I'm happy

I'll give you all my love right now

I'll give you money
I'll give you lovin'

Money, everything
Money, everything [Repeat: x8]

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Comments from YouTube:

Mr. Robert

Going to be 58 years old this October. Used to listen to this like crazy when I was younger. On my 50th birthday my son took me to see him live in Baltimore. An amazing experience for me to watch Peter Frampton with my son.

Janet Wilhelm

I delivered papers in a small town called North Tonawanda NY and every friday I collected,and with my tips I bought every copy of 'FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE' which ended up being 14, then I bought his studio I am still a lifelong member of hus fanclub. I loved him then and live him now.WE WISH YOU WELL PETER!

Donna lizardladyfla

He's still amazing.

Robert Hanson

58 on the 17th. I wore this cassette out. I'm Robert. Cheers, brother.

Dominic Rupolo

I will be 59 in two weeks...we all worshipped this double album in 1976 as it blasted on FM Radio for months on end! We smoked our Pot and enjoyed life! Peter Frampton is a God!


1976 was the best summer of my life! 17 years old and stayed high all summer and listened to this album and wore it out

Dominic Rupolo

I was 15 years old in 1976...we would all smoke pot and listen to this album. These musicians were and still are heroes to us!!

Stephen Smith

@Daniel Lopez A year older than me ,my friend. Born in 59 and just loved this stuff. I still have the original LP on vinyl . i hope to pass it on to my younger family.

Robert Taub

strangely enough, me too shacked up in Berkeley with a 6 foot Amazon girl on Cal's rowing team--can't believe I lived talk about it...

Daniel Lopez

I hear you!! Same age and I can still remember the awesome buzz we had at the forum!!

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