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Show Me The Way
by Peter Frampton

I wonder how you're feeling
There's ringing in my ears
And no one to relate to except the sea
Who can I believe in?
I'm kneeling on the floor
There has to be a force
Who do I phone?
The stars are out and shining
But all I really want to know

Oh won't you show me the way
I want you show me the way

Well, I can see no reason,
You living on your nerves
When someone drops a cup and I submerge
I'm swimming in a circle,
I feel I'm going down
There has to be a fool
To play my part
Someone thought of healing,
But all I really want to know

Oh won't you show me the way
I want you show me the way
I want you day after day

I wonder if I'm dreaming
I feel so unashamed
I can't believe this is happening to me
I watch you when you're sleeping
And then I want to take your love

Oh won't you show me the way
Oh won't you show me the way
I want you day after day
I want you day after day
Oh won't you show me the way
I want you day after day

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Frampton Comes Alive one of the best live albums of all time!

Kimberly Howard

No lies told

Jason Pawloski

This isn't from Frampton Comes Alive. This version is noticeably different

David Somerset

Yes absolutely 💯 %

José Carlos


susan-jillian smith

I dedicate this song to my Service Dog - Bonnie - who showed me the way. 13 years of your help to me.. when I needed it most. I lost my sight... and you were there. Thank you dear dog.

Peter Giesel

Oh Susan i hear and feel you so much there mate, my lil side kick shotgun seat , Rivers best mate/friend a bloke could of had and saddly probably ever will, half Chihuahua/Jack Russel, ticked all the boxes and definitely showed me the way, as i am sure with you and your best mate/friend, animals and yeah Dogs get my heart, so I'm ya there Susan, and i miss the lil bugger, he died beside me, i woke up and he was by my hip, wrecked me, 2015, 14 years we were a team, but with my stage 4 liver soon enough some sunny day I'll meet up with him over the rainbow bridge as we all shall who have ever loved there animal best friend, mate partner in crime and so on, I'll stop here as i could write a bible on it as i have no dought you are the same Susan and others to think of there shadow , wish they lived longer, sad, and so heart drenching breaking in ones soul a lost of a true friend, so you take care Susan mate from Sydney Australia and yeah this song is bloody awesome, thanks heaps bringing up such a lovely subject, and again this tune rocks especially driving along the highway with your shadow shotgun, cheers......🙂🤧🤟👍🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🐶🛣

Clint Walker

Is your dog reading this or is it illiterate? I will read it to them if you want.

Mirror Time

That is so beautiful. Susan, you made me weep. I salute Bonnie.

Gretchen Aloha

Blessings to you and your fur baby. 🥰🙏🥰

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