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Suede Shoes
Peter Keep Lyrics

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Peter Torks birthday is tomorrow Feb 13th. We miss you Peter. You were and will always be one of the very best musicians around. You and your wife Pam always looked happy. I pray for your family. I lost my husband nine days after you died. It's so hard and painful to lose someone. You are still with them and your fans. We love you!


A VERY strong man! So proud of him. Miss him


This is important to share. Those seeking solutions need to hear as many personal stories as possible; one or a combination thereof may free them of addictive behavior. One more example of Peter Tork's compassion for others. Thank You! (I hope 2/2 is posted as well.)


Oh my gosh, why did this end there. I love listening to him. Thank you for sharing xxx


That's great. RIP Peter Tork --February 13, 1942 to February 21, 2019


So proud of you Peter!!! Please listen to him people!!


I am so proud of him. Way to go Peter.


Thanks so much for posting these videos! I was planning to go to RecoveryFest to see Peter and SSB, but was broke and had the flu and couldn't make the 5-hour drive. At least now I can see what I missed.


Thanks for sharing!


Peter was always my fav & I was gutted when he left us.We are/were both Aquarians.He managed to pull himself out of that hole & I admire him for it,so much.I wish my fav actor had also managed to go the same route.He tried,but the genes were too strong.He was a third generation alcoholic.Maybe he & Peter should get together Up There & talk it out.Its a horrible disease.RIP Peter,Davy & Mike.Y'all left us too soon.Micky,please hang on there.A Happy New Year to everybody on this channel.

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