Peter Laughner Lyrics

Lily White, she was walking and talking, as usual, out on the floor
While Ruby was deep into her pantomime
Me, I just stood staring at my reflection
In my glass of bourbon over by the door
Still couldn't find those friends of mine

When Ruby turned and pirouetted
Like a ghost dancer up the marble stair
I felt myself set free in a city without weather
And my own dream of Baudelaire

Now Lily White, she leans so close to you and whispers
And you will see diamonds falling all around her mouth
Ah, but Ruby moves her lemon-scented body
Just like the breezes from the south

So somehow, I got tangled
Oh, tangled in her long red hair
And I woke up to the taste of danger
Feeling such a lot like Baudelaire

Here comes the knight to fill my glass just one more time
While all the lovely ladies, they get up and they adjourn to the show
And my head is so anointed with the blood and the wine
That I almost seem to know

Of all the secrets that are on the holy street
Where the vagrants they come down and go
And of the secrets in the eyes of cats and other vagrant lovers
Where the cruel waters flow

But Ruby seemed to know the secrets as old as the ages
Of the blood and wine flowing in the fountains on the city square
And I crawled to her to be drowned and driven
Feeling such a lot like Baudelaire
With the vanity of Baudelaire
Ah, feeling such a lot like Baudelaire

Writer(s): Peter Laughner

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Comments from YouTube:

Sharon Leiter-Weintraub

One of those rare artists who surpassed his own inspirations. Thank god somebody saw fit to save these bedroom recordings and release them. A true gift to the world.

Janet Rodriguez

WOW!! I love this song!! A friend just sent me the link and I had never heard it before!!! Thank you to my super-musical pal, Patrick!

Danny Pound

So great. Tragic early exit from Peter. When will someone get this stuff compiled and released for the masses to get their hands on?

alex raymonson

Thank god for him we were waiting so so so very long for this

Derek Uibelhoer

Smog Veil released a box set very recently, 10 years in the making


Lou Reed didn't kill Peter Laughner. Peter obvioulsly was in great pain in his life, but he loved Lou and the Velvets and their music gave him great joy.


perfect song for a rainy day, coffee and a good book

Regina Boh

Yes!! Omg i had the same thought! :D

john wisneski

i met peter in about 1974 at the viking saloon...we discuses the velvet underground 1969 live album and how the music of rocket from the tombs seemed vaguely like a cross between the velvet and Jefferson airplane which would be completely appropriate for Cleveland...some 30 years later i met a high school friend of his who told me peters drug abuse was bad even inhighscool


This song sounds like a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon in Cleveland in the 1970s.

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