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Jungle River
Peter Roberts Lyrics

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Shining Darkness

@Anders Rosendal People act like sharks have no intelligence. They are smart enough to remember that large stationary objects on the surface (boats) often mean free food so why wouldn't they get fooled once by a blood-drip with no pay-off then realize they are sensing the same sort of blood-drip and pay it no mind since last time (literally the same day within a couple hours at most) there was no food at the end source of the blood.

They proved sharks can sense blood and will go to the source of blood in the water, so the only logical explanation for ZERO sharks investigating two sources of blood in the second test is they decided it was not worth the effort to investigate and risk missing out on the potential boat food.

"Fool me once..."

Chances are they would have gotten similar results as the first test had they tried again the next day.

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Mouse Pat

Guy: *swims with possibly 50 sharks around*

Me: *feel a rock touch my feet and instantly panic*

kareem kikoshark


Mc Klee

Lmao same I once went on holiday with my family and the beach there had harmless jellyfish and crabs and I C O U L D N T S W I M I N I T I was wayyyy too scared :)

Ash roses


The One

Feels wind or a grain of sand & has a heart attack

Susan Beech

Once I was standing on a rock near the shore and stepped on wet moss, it was slimy and I screamed like I was dying

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Sharks with human blood: no reaction
Sharks with camera: The hunt is on.

Adam Adam


Eleana Ymeraj


Gemechu Bonsa

So true I threw my cam in the ocean got it back All I saw was buncha sharks biteing it

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