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Let Me Try Again
Peter Roberts Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Let Me Try Again' by these artists:

Connie Francis I know I said that I was leaving But I just…
Frank Sinatra I know I said that I was leaving But I just…
Frank Sinatraa I know I said that I was leaving But I just,…
RJ Jacinto I know I said that I was leaving But I just,…
Skank I Know I said that I was leaving But I…

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Comments from YouTube:


Being able to make the soprano cornet bleed emotion is something only a small number of players have ever managed to do. The quality in this piece for me is true brilliance and Peter was a legend indeed. The best ever for me.

Ronald Mitaxa

Peter Roberts was one of those rare masters that could make his instrument talk.
Glorious control and tone
A true miracle in E flat


Ronald Mitaxa . True !!! , getting tears by listening to Peter , So beautifull !

Alfred E. Bordass

He's just amazing, no faults to be found when he's playing. "GREAT"

Dr. Ron Bernard

I know nothing about the soprano cornet. But, I do know that this is one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces I've ever heard. If one were in the presence of Gabriel's legion, with their golden horns, this is the kind of music I would expect....Full of love.

Al B.'s music

Thanks for uploading. Listen to the vibrato on that last note. Gorgeous.


incredible from a true legend

Alfred E. Bordass


Bjarne Gunnar Andresen

What a wonderful soud, not only the vibrato but hole life in the Sound! I have played Ess cornett for many years with an Scilke Cornet , but Robert is the realy player, The Legend! Bjarne Gunnar Andresen.

julien le gall

each time my friend plays it i'm about to cry :D

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