Phantasm Lyrics

Moon rises high
Scared by its sight
Hear your cry
Stalk prey in the night

Lust of hunger inside
Caught your feast for tonight
Claws cut flesh open wide
As you take the first bite
Running from hunters that try to kill you
From killing their daughters so unbelievably true
They crack you down and shoot you with lead
It's not good enough I'm still not dead

You run through the night like a savage
Killing everyone in your sight
Your rip their hearts from their body
To revive the power in this night

You come across your father
He holds a gun to your head
He wipes a tear from his eye
He fires the shot your dead

Contributed by Jayden C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

G l a c i u s 癒しの風

Easily best death metal album.. these guys had it.. top tier.


Hell yeah this is some disgustingly structured fucking USDM! Thanks for upload, sick stuff as always! Hails \M/

Inanna Xanthus

It's my favourite underground album. Never get tired of it

Inanna Xanthus

my all time favourite Death Metal Album

Felipe Lagos

Great album i heard this since 1992 !!!!

Enzo Renato Flores Humareda

¡Pesado! 🤘


Uma tonelada

Gacha con depre LOL ok no

La era dorada del Death Metal

Nazgul black



my screen is clogged again

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