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some other day in a lightyear
Pillow Fight Club Lyrics

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Metazoxan Dexall

Man sometimes Robot CHicken really nails it.

A child's imagination is all about taking the elements of the world they know. That's why when you look back at stuff you made as a kid it's often some kind of Amalgamation of stuff you liked as a kid.

Granted you CAN start from a base block of nothing and add onto it. But especially for children they tend to be happier when they at least have a basic framework in place and doing what they want with it.

Like how Andy in the movie had a cowboy fighting the evil piggybank and stuff.

Also kids just want toys that look cool. They generally don't want cheap crap that required imagination just to be something. Because that means the toy itself is boring.

There's a theme here

As much as I actually kind of appreciate the conceptual intentions of 0:07-0:14 there is something to be said about how you can't really always expect children to be enjoying something as 'formless'* as a Plinko toy before for to long b/c of how eventually it'd be unhealthy to deny or repress the impulse to express 'by giving form' b/c that is a typical benchmark in development as well..

For instance (friends or relatives (?)) of my mom once said how in mid-last century rural El Salvador, formally colorful and molded plastic toys like a Barbie doll would've been considered expensive but that didn't stop them from improving corn husk dolls out of corn husks b/c of it would've been unhealthy to deny them the desire to a plaything just b/c of a popularly espoused manufactured plaything being prevalent but likely outside of what they could be able to spend on as children, at least.

i.e. a pile of 'Plinko' version of corn husks wouldn't have done it, been a drag and may very well have only reminded them of the banal tedium rural life, it's struggles and entailed labors can have when your highly imaginative and energetic 'newbie at the world' (kid) who might have limited time btw chores.

* `_` 'To be fair' though there kind of already have been a 'toy best enjoyed formlessly' example with us for a long time. 'Construction toys' : Meccano, Lincoln logs, K'nex and prob.most famously *Lego*. Sure they can be enjoyed 'on their own' w/relative formlessness..but it's accepted that their be an expectation that they only become 'components' to broader structures..just don't risk being to rigidly fixated on that like Will Ferrell in the (first) 'Lego movie' ;]

..and to us a non-toy based analogy it's kind of like how there is something to be said about how the impulse to 'mold something plastic' is something you see in the art history of sculpture . Take the claims of art being used to expess the spiritual but compare the realism of a Renaissance master like Michaelanglo in contrast to say the more abstract output of Constantin Brancusi in the 20th c.

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Pinko is basically people who are offended by everything


AKA people who are way to nice to think everyone’s rude


And gets exactly what it deserves.

blue syndrome

Who said he is a people?


I want to take your joke as a joke, but I wasn’t talking about I’ll let it that over my head

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The fact that the voices are spot-on, and they don’t cuss just makes it so much more realistic.

David Nissim

I think they actually got the original voice actors for Woody and Buzz for this skit

Thomas O'Brien

@David Nissim actually woody was voiced by jim hanks (tom hanks brother) who provides the voice for woody in the marchendise. I dont know who voiced buzz though.

Komic Klepto

So Mr Potato Head saying "I already hate this pr*ck" isn't cussing?


just a really strong insult

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