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bossa loser
Pinstripe Sunny Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Pinstripe Sunny:

Foo Dog Changes are hard When you're no good at changing So now…
Ladypants I don't like this game You look so smug Looking my way Like…
Red Colored Elegy Your Ghost is here to stay Hosting you is my burden Don't…

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Comments from YouTube:


popular opinion:
this is really good and very underrated


Me bopping to this song on a daily 2 years ago. Shit times passed

Donny Rei vu

I listened to this the night I got rejected by this dude I liked for years and I gotta say this made me feel a lot better

Kaheya Nash

This was in my recommended and I couldn't be happier

ff qingji

gives vibes as if youre in an apartment with your friends in the afternoon having the best time of your life
highkey top 5 vibes of all time


We need an instrumental PLEASEEE

I’ve been listening to this song for over 2 years and I love it, this song is so amazing!! I’m begging for an instrumental pleaseee!


This song reminds me of driving into New Jersey. Such a bop. Such good memories.

Sirarnold Shankerstaf

Koi boy has a band and I fell in love with it lol

choopity fr

hey i just had to let y'all know this is my current favorite song thanks for being you

Syner Juice

this sorta video will be the vaporwave of generation Z, amazing

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