Nata Di Marzo
Pizzicato Five Lyrics

Translators: andrei dos santos cunha

Mayonaka ni denwa shite
Anata wo muri ni sasoidasu
Korekara doko ka ni yukimasho
Asa made futari odorimasho
So yo sangatsu umare wa
Kimagure na no

Mayonaka ni nakidashite
Anata wo komarasete miseru
Sukoshi wa gokigen totte yo
Amaeteru dake nandakara
So yo sangatsu umare wa
Muzukashii no

Sukoshi nomisugite
Nanimo iwazu ni
Sono mama nekasete

Odorimasho yo
Motto motto chiyahoya shite
Ai shite motto
O-sake mo motto
Motto motto
Motto motto motto

Sukoshi nomisugite
Ashita no asa wa
Yasashiku okoshite
Nanimo iwazu ni

Mayonaka ni dashinuke ni
Anata ni kuchizukete hoshii
Sekai-ju no dare yori mo
Watashi wo ai shite kureteru
So yo sangatsu umare wa
Hitomebore wo shinjiteru
So yo sangatsu umare wa
Itsumo koi shiteru no
So yo sangatsu umare wa
Anata no mono

La la la la

I call you in the middle of the night
And force you to go out with me
Let's go somewhere now
And dance together till morning
That's it, those born in march
Are very unpredictable

I cry in the middle of the night
Just to put you in a hard situation
Come on cheer up
I'm just being childish
That's it, those born in march
Are hard to handle

If I drink a bit too much
And lose my senses
Don't say anything
Just let me sleep

Come on let's dance
If you can't dance
You might at least try to smile
Love me more
Pour me more drinks
More more
More more more

Even if I drink a bit too much
And end up unconscious
Wake me up gently
Tomorrow morning
Don't say anything

Out of the blue in the middle of the night
I want you to kiss me
You who more than any one
Love me
That's it those born in march
Believe in love at first sight
That's I'm nata di marzo
I'm always in love
That's it I was born in march
And I'm yours

La la la


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Comments from YouTube:

Andrea Forcella

I'm a resort owner in italy and when we play this in our bar guests can't stop smiling...

Kristoffer Rome Estefani

This... Feels nice




i decided to watch kids in the hall brain candy just because of this song



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