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This Year's Girl #4
by Pizzicato Five

Reporter: ok so, this year you
Released five albums at the pace of
One album a month.
I'd like to ask you,
What was the idea
Behind this project?

Maki and konishi: (laughs)

Maki: we wanted to give people
Reason to talk about us nonstop.

Konishi: that's right.

Reporter: i see.
And what is the connecting idea
Behind the five albums?

Maki: connecting idea?
I wonder if there is one.

Konishi: (laughs)

Maki: well, i think you can say that... mmm...
Well... the full album, this year's girl, will be
Released on the first of september.

Reporter: yes...

Maki: ok so at the beginning we had
This concept, the age of female
Superiority. and the rest of the project
Flowed from that. i think.

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