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by Pizzicato Five

Translators: ed valdez and ted mills

Muzukashii ano hito wa
Muzukashii hon wo yonderu
Muzukashii ano hito wa
Muzukashii kao de nanika iu noyo

Imamo sukinara
Ne, sukoshi hohoende misete yo

Muzukashii ano hito wa
Muzukashii koto bakari iu noyo

Karuku 'kiss' shitari
Nanika tanoshii koto shitai no
Dakishimete hoshii no

Muzukashii ano hito wa
Muzukashii inu wo katteru

Sukoshi tsukareta shi
Kyou wa sayonara wo shimasyou

Ai wa tashika ni
Sukoshi muzukashii mono dakedo

That difficult person is
Reading a difficult book
That difficult person
Says something with a difficult face

If you love me now
Please show me a little smile

That difficult person
Says only difficult things.

A slight kiss
I want to do something enjoyable
I want you to hold me

That difficult person
Is keeping a difficult dog
It barks.

I'm a little tired so
Today, let's say goodbye

Love was certainly
Just a bit difficult


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