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Give in Give out
by Plunkett

I don't care if it rains today
I've nowhere to go to anyway
And it don't matter what I do
I'll feel like this until I'm through

My hair's a mess my clothes are old
My car don't always work but that's not why

I don't mind if you don't care
It's not me who's feeling scared
Watch what you're saying
Somebody might hear
And I'm ok if you can't see
These sentiments inside of me
Just let it go now
They're not what you think
I'm alright if it don't work
My hopes are high but I'll be fine
What are you saying
You know you'll go down
And it's ok if I never know why
I had a go at least I tried
You did it again
That's one half a lie

So smoke the smoke and drink the drink
Float to that far off place and you'll feel fine
Think of the things you'd like to do
And forget this feeling only lasts a while

I know I'm just a little too shy
But it's not like that behind these eyes
While it's within
Only you see this truth
Perhaps it's that I'm paranoid
But that's all tucked up deep inside
Think what you want
But are you so sure

So think the thoughts and analyze
Work out what to change before you die
Think of how you'd like to be
And wonder if this block will go away

So smoke some more and raise your glass
Go further than before then you can try
Think of how you'd like to be
Then work out all the things to put in place

I know now what I have to do
Take out some parts let others shine through
Once we give in
We can start to give out
The question is when the moment comes
Will all this work or just come undone
So throw yourself in
And you won't have a choice
Till your time you'll have to wait
But make sure when it comes you don't fall down
Give in give out


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