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Time Before Last
by Poison Diamonds

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I love the rock vibe in the chorus. This is marina for sure. So unique, and she said the lyrics will be connected to our life as of right now like the Harvey Weinstein going to jail news, and Britney Spears shaving head in incident from the past. This is amazing. I have a feeling it might top FROOT. This is so the family jewels especially the rock instrumental in the back. CANNOT WAIT

Valntena Youkhana

I feel like this album is going to be TJF 2.0 and I'm here for it


She's described it as FROOT but wilder 😍💐

Claire Province

Me too!

sudo rydo

M5 is going to be her best era 😭 First Pink Convertible and now this masterpiece gosh


She hasn't come to ANY island in Hawaii I'm depressed


Valntena Youkhana She has come to Australia right? like in the family jewels era? Idk why she hasn’t come back! Primadonna and How to be a Heartbreaker both went platinum in Australia!! I’ll pray for you that she comes there ❤️

Valntena Youkhana

@Umaina Khan yessss I hope she comes to nz or australia because my parents say I can only go to concerts if they're in nz or australia, because since we live far away from all the other countries, plane tickets are really really expensive and I'd love to see her live :(

Umaina Khan

@IM MISS SUGAR PINK- i'm sure she will do a tour. hopefully, she comes to more cities too.


eeeeeeee yeah i can tell its gonna be a good era. im just hoping that there's a gonna be a tour or something.

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