Can't Stand Losing You
Police/Sting Lyrics

I've called you so many times today
And I guess it's all true what your girl-friends say
That you don't ever want to see me again
And your brother's gonna kill me and he's six feet ten
I guess you'd call it cowardice
But I'm not prepared to go on like this

I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing you
I can't stand losing you
I can't stand losing you
I can't stand losing you

I see you sent my letters back
And my l.p. records and they're all scratched
I can't see the point in another day
When nobody listens to a word I say
You can call it lack of confidence
But to carry on living doesn't make no sense

I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't stand losing you
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing

I guess this is our last goodbye
And you don't care, so I won't cry
But you'll be sorry when I'm dead
And all this guilt will be on your head
I guess you'd call it suicide
But I'm too full to swallow my pride
I can't, I can't, I can't stand losing
I can't, I can't...

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Greg Kulig

Stewart Copeland's drumming is simply on another level. The guy is a beast! Hes like a fine wine, he just gets better with age


Después de The Beatles, The Police son los mejores...!!!


I know. There are obsessive-compulsive people, autistic people, absolutely perfectionists, extra precise people or crazy geniuses who hit the drums without such a minor mistakes, like one millisecond. That's how I recognize two drummers; 1 is from the police and the other is from Simple Minds

The Nordic

The Police, please do a new record of simple rock songs like your first 3 records.

Mario Messina

Dominic miller and Vinnie Colaiuta do sound different then Andy and Stewart but I get where people say it could sound like a police album - Vinnie is very much a polyrhythmic drummer like Stewart . Stings bands always have been killer . I am a huge fan of those musicians and of course Andy and Stewart

The Nordic

I checked his new stuff out last night and like it pretty well, glad he
kind of returned to his Police roots!. I can think of a hundred reasons
why they wouldn't amp up for a "reunion" record (though Andy Summers would have been up for it). Don't remember who but some super group member (Phil Collins I think) said when a group that big get back togetherfor a new record, it's such a big deal, hype train, business, expectations, etc.

 Agreed there are some production things with 57th & 9th that make me wince but it's still great "simple song writing 101" from someone who is a legend at it.


Trust me, when you hear songs like, "I Can't Stop Thinking About You", "50,000", "Down, Down, Down", and (esp.) "Petrol Head", you'll swear you're hearing news songs by The Police (the accompanying drums and guitars sound very Copeland/Summers-esque; as if Sting were channeling the kind of energy and style that they group as a whole did from 1977-1984/2007/08). "One Fine Day" and "Heading South On The Great North Road" are instant classics. The only problems with the album are that it should have been longer (2 more songs would've been perfect), a little more musically detailed (guitar solos and instrumental interludes between the verses and after the codas, please!), and produced with a little more flourishes on some of the tunes. The album was recorded in less than 4 months, so, there's somewhat of a raw punkishness to it some of the time. But, the first time I heard the CD/LP, I said, "So, why didn't Sting just call up the boys and ask them to play and collaborate with him on this rather very Police-like collection of songs? This is basically what many of us fans wanted to receive after the glorious Certifiable Tour and CD/LP/DVD. I guess this is the next best thing? I'm getting my Police fix pretty much while listening to this..." After a handful of listens, the entire album grows even more on you. The Deluxe and/or Tour Editions are the best to own, since the alternate takes/versions of a couple of songs are featured, along w/ a recent concert. Enjoy!

The Nordic

nice, will check it out


We kind of pretty much got that in Sting's new LP, 57th & 9th. Really, it could've been labeled a Police album, in terms of style and lyrical content; all that was missing was Stewart and Andy. He should get a Grammy for Best Rock Performance for the entire album. With some help from the other two officers, it could've been another Police classic to rival Synchronicity, which is their apex.

Neil Graves

Superb. The energy from Stewart unbelievable 👏🙌🙏

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