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by Pompeya

Before youre awake, dont cry
I will let you survive
Before you feel the chain
I will give you the wind
Before you cut a scar
I will take you far
I guess you left to move back
There is also a lie
Satellite it holds you tight
Satellite, servin light
And if you feel that youre lost
Keep your eyes on the stars
And entertain when its hard
Bring it up to the stars
Whatever you will decide
It will open beside
And when you hold it tight
There is satellite, satellite
Satellite, satellite
Before you break my stone
I will need it all
Before you want to move on
Keep your eyes on the stone
Before you break my cry
I will let you aside
It took you over the fire
There is our satellite
Satellite, satellite
Satellite, satellite
Satellite, satellite
Satellite, satellite
Its our satellite
Before you make my stone
Ill let you recall
Youve gone this far

Writer(s): Daniil Brod, Denis Agofonov, Alexander Lipsky

Contributed by Jason R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Montgomery Gabrys

on Pasadena

These lyrics aren't even remotely close.

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