South Australia
Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends Lyrics

In South Australia I was born
heave away, haul away
In South Australia round Cape Horn
We're bound for South Australia
Haul away you rolling kings
To me heave away, haul away
Haul away, you'll hear me sing
We're bound for South Australia
As I walked out one morning fair
'Twas there I met Miss Nancy Blair
I sher up and I sher down
I sher round and round the town
I run her all night and I run her all day
And I run her until we sailed away
There ain't but one thing grieves me mind
To leave Miss Nancy Blair behind
And as we wallop around Cape Horn
You'll wish to God you'd never been born
In South Australia my native land
Full of rocks and thieves and fleas and sand
I wish I was on Australia's strand
With a bottle of whiskey in my hand

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As a South Aussie born of Cornish descent, I love this version!

Daniel Stone

@jlewisda During South Australia's 150th jubilee, same year that Texas (cough cough) 'joined' the United States, Adelaide the capital city had a sister city relationship with Austin.


Shoot, I'm a Texan from one of the flattest prairies on earth, and I love this song. Good on ya, mate.


If you reflect cornish seafarer is the origin of the hard to replicate Australian accent. Well it's a hypothesis but looking back on it it lines up.

Sarah Forbes

Same for me

Danny Polglase


Ernst Becker

Ya don't have to be an Australian to love this song. 

Salute !

Manny Pope

All life came from the sea return with courage.

Cassandra Liberty West

I'm an American woman and I LOVE shanties! This was GREAT! Thanks!

lewis lowther123


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