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The Corncrake
Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Western Australia Now and Then

Not quite a South Australian but we share a border :) Love it! What a great rendition. Hope you don't mind me putting it here but here is a little nautical item I penned that I hope you enjoy. (Written about the south coast of Victoria along the Great Ocean Drive).

Shipwreck Coast

The weathered limestone buttress stands
against the pounding sea
The wind whips through the saltbush
Unharnessed, fresh, and free

The crashing waves assault the rocks
how solid they appear
but wind and waves are patient foes
that never count the years

The weathered rock is worn away
though it's an uphill climb
These mighty blocks will wear away
beset by tide and time

What a sight my eyes behold
along this rugged shore
where tall ships ran before the wind
and sails from rigging tore

Where now the seabirds wheel and dive
in to the briny foam
once shipwrecked souls beheld the cliffs
so far from hearth and home

Beheld their awful majesty
in freezing wind and rain
and only but a lucky few
would see their homes again

Though many years have passed since then
it comes as no surprise
that when the wind rips through the rocks
you'll hear the sailors cries.

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As a South Aussie born of Cornish descent, I love this version!

Local Hart

I am Victorian with Cornish descent. I love it.

Daniel Stone

@jlewisda During South Australia's 150th jubilee, same year that Texas (cough cough) 'joined' the United States, Adelaide the capital city had a sister city relationship with Austin.


Shoot, I'm a Texan from one of the flattest prairies on earth, and I love this song. Good on ya, mate.


If you reflect cornish seafarer is the origin of the hard to replicate Australian accent. Well it's a hypothesis but looking back on it it lines up.

Sarah Forbes

Same for me

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Ernst Becker

Ya don't have to be an Australian to love this song. 

Salute !


Aussies are already there.


American here, and I give this band insane amounts of props. No matter where you're from, when ya hear good music, ya feel good vibes. These guys rock.

Manny Pope

All life came from the sea return with courage.

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