Moving The River
Prefab Sprout Lyrics

You surely are a truly gifted kid
But you're only good as
The last great thing you did
And where've you been since then
Did the schedule get you down
I hear you've got a new girlfriend
How's the wife taking it?

If it's uphill all the way
You should be used to it by now
You must know me, Father it's your son
And I know that you are proud
Of everything I've done
But it's the wonders I perform,
Pulling rabbits out of hats
When sometimes I'd prefer
Simply to wear them

If it's uphill all the way
You should be used to it and say
My back is broad enough sir
To take the strain and it's

Hello mother, it's your son
And aren't you proud, of all I've done
But I'm turkey hungry, I'm chicken free,
And I can't break dance on your knee
But it's "stay right there son, baby do",
While I is itchin' for something new
So watch me hawk eye, understand
The force of will, the sleight of hand
Movin' the river,
I'm turkey hungry, I'm chicken free
And I can't break dance on your knee
Movin' the river,
Bucket by spoon,
And do you think that they'll like me
When they learn what I do

Movin' the river,
Money for jam,
But it takes such an effort
To stay where I am

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Paddy McAloon

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Steve McQueen = one of the best albums released in 1985.

David Copson

One of the best albums released ever!

edwin santos

The BEST and MOST UNDER RATED song by Prefab Sprout.


I could listen to this ten times a day for the rest of my life


It goes down smoothly.

Gene Brodeur

Incredible.  Almost makes you feel there's a God.

Bo Gonzales

@GRIMYBOYP Glad you liked princess. Now, go get me a samich bitch. Hehehe.


Bo Gonzales haha

Bo Gonzales

Guess who inspired this. God. Music like this confirms my belief in Him.

Israel Griol Barres

There's a God :)

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