Prefab Sprout Lyrics

I look around me and I see
Folks leading more constructive lives than me
They don't this for reward
They are walking in the footsteps of their Lord
For themselves they make no claim
They may die without the world knowing their name

But they will ride, ride, going to their Lord, they will ride
They will ride, ride, going to their God, they will ride
They will ride, ride, going to Jesus.

Some good people will deny
Anything they can't see with their own eyes
They don't walk in God's light
They just walk the way they do because it's right.

And they will ride....

People hear me: who can know?
If our time on Earth's the warm up or the show
Ask a good man, there's no doubt
He'll have too much on his mind to work it out

And he will ride....

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