Four Holes In The Ground
Premiata Forneria Marconi Lyrics

Sometimes it seems that what remains of truth
And real value
Is wine shared with friends,
A sunset, music or some ancient statue,
Drinking the stars or touching hearts
With one whose love enfolds you.

But if life is just a well stuffed purse
It couldn't get much worse
For me and you
Chicken in a Zoo.
And if life is just crystal balls and luck
I couldn't give a ...
And if life is just this carousel
Sometimes it's heaven.
But mostly its hell
Just a paper shell
Dig yourself a well, well, well
... that's life.

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Comments from YouTube:

Pascual Isaias Jacobo Torres

Riqueza musical. Conocí esta pieza en mi adolescencia y me quedé clavado a ella; diría que es parte fundamental del soundtrack de mi vida.

Steve Uptegraft

A masterpiece on the level of Yes' best work. I remember when it was released in the US and we received it at the record store where I hung out. We opened it on a whim and were blown away.

Jeff K

A masterpiece!!


Nice video, given the spare material to work with. I remember this song from my school days in the mid-seventies, when in the afternoon Danish National Radio played songs like this, "When the music's over", "Achilles' last stand", "Dancing with the moonlit knight" and such in their full lenght. Sure doesn't happen nowadays.


Excelencia musical

Gabriel Gonzalez

a masterpiece

Juan Alberto Rendón Salazar

Catedra ejemplar mente sensacional


i love this song☺️
it gives me power☺️

Yesterdays Wafflez

KQRS radio in MN played this lp all the time! Ohhh, the 70's prog era!

Paul Mason

Utter brilliance.

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