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Good Man
by Prince

I ain't like the rest, I am (accessible)
One day U'll see that I'm the best
(I'm a super workin' man, mama)
If I am good then U are (accessible)
I am a good man

(Good man) {x2}

U walk around with your heart on the ground
U ain't got nobody and U're feelin' down
Maybe U've been lookin' on the wrong side of town

I've been workin' 2 jobs just 2 make ends meet
2 U it might look like a dead end street
Where little boys give up, a good man sticks around ... yes he does!

So if U're lookin' 4 a good man (good man)
A super workin' lover papa
A good man (good man)
A money makin' real provider

Then give up, your search is over
I'm the man 4 U

(Good man)

U're sick of talkin' 2 men with no future?
Well, a trip around the world'd suit U fine
(True love, it don't cost nothin')
True love don't cost nothin'
Just 2 hearts beatin' in time

Oh, if U believe it, let me hear U say yeah, oh yeah
U got 2 give me a chance
Get it on
If U believe it, let me hear U say yeah, oh yeah
And we can find romance

I got, I got, I got, I got some super workin' love 4 ya
And if it's passion U're after
Oh girl, I can do the do (do the do)
Don't let my dirty hands fool U
I ain't gonna stop until U beg me, beg me, beg me 2
My ride got a 12 cylinder that's built 2 last
And if U let me love U baby, U'll forget about your past
Woman, I'm a super workin' lover man
If U hear me rappin' 2 U, tell me that U understand
Every good woman wants a good man

Let me hear U say yeah, oh yeah
U got 2 give me a chance
If U believe in love, let me hear U say yeah, oh yeah
We can find romance
Y-E-S we can
Every good woman needs a good man

A super workin' good lovin' papa (Good)
A long stridin', a real providin' (Good)
Money makin', clothes-off takin' good man (Good)
Think U know what I mean
A brother holding plenty of green

(Baby, here I am)
Baby, if U want my love, say yeah, oh yeah (Good man)
U got 2 give me a chance
Y-E-S we can
(Every woman wants a good man)
If U want my body, say yeah, oh yeah (Good man)
Give me a chance
Then U and me can be accessible
'Nuf said!

(Good man) {x2}
(I'm a super workin' man, mama)
(Good man)

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