Prodigy, Diamond (feat. Bars and Hooks): We need your help!

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by Prodigy

We ain't going platinum (nope) we ain't goin gold
We going diamond, ten million sold
We break records (records) and move units, that's how we do it
(Do it do it) Making millions and billions from movies and music
World touring, shows, performing
The deals, the budgets, accounts, enormous
We got it (got it) you fronting, you need it, you want it
The Mobb, and Bars, and Hooks, we coming
Delorean, and Mr. Bars, how about that?
We some Queens bridge niggas that ain't all about rap
We own streets, run websites, log on
To the one and only,
We load up the tour buses, to get these checks
We independent, we don't need your respect
We "Infamous Minded" you've been blinded
It's Bars & Hooks nigga, we, goin, diamond!

[Chorus: Prodigy]
Yeah, what more do why y'all want from us?
We spill our hearts out and it still ain't enough
Years we got crumbs, doing the supplying
We independent now, we, going diamond!
Yeah, what more could you ask for?
We the team, we deserve everything and more
All the blood and sweat for our dead we stopped crying
Swallowed it, survived it, we, going diamond!

You might catch me stepping out the Lamborghini
With ashy legs, my chain swinging
I grab my piece, so that shit won't damage the paint
Chest naked holding a drink
We got these hoes by the brain, we black rap moguls
We the most popping, we the illest niggas rhyming
Let's go team for team, you don't want that
We make niggas quit rap, we so violent
The only thing that calm us down is more dollars
We need NBA cash, the yachts, the labs
The Porsche, Ferrari, the Hummer, you mad?
AK-90, the sigs, the macs
Grenades, silencers, sterlings that blast
To Linden, the sweeper to murder yo' ass
You doubted my niggas (word) now we up
Yeah, you must of been wilding, we, going, diamond!

[Chorus: 2nd half + 1st half reversed]

We goin' kill 'em with this here, and ship ten million
This year, look on the charts it's there
At the number one spot, locked of course
By these ghetto street pharmacist entrepreneurs
Who would of thought? The car I always wanted get bought
Sitting on ten times twos, rolling by you
It gets bigger, I remember being broke
So the plan now is to get richer
Ain't goin' be no scuffling my nigga, I ain't goin' fight ya
I'ma pay the piper to snipe ya, it's real like that
Going diamond make you feel like that
Cause I done been through the bullshit, dealt with the bullshit
Now I'm lamping, mansion, and a few whips
Ain't nothing but a thug thing, this the club theme
Bars & Hooks to H.N.I.C. we climbing
Finally we shining, we, goin, diamond!


Fuck why y'all niggas man
We goin diamond, we going diamond,
Know what I'm saying Move these units, do these shows,
And hold this money hold the cash
We going diamond, going diamond
We going diamond, diamond diamond diamond
We going diamond, we going diamond
We going diamond, we going diamond
We.. goin.. diamond!

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