Get Money
Prodigy Lyrics

(Get in, get in, don't stop, get in)

[Verse 1:]
N-gga duck and dodger from the la I told 'em how to
Duggie when my jamie gets bust in
All your sweat get floody.
We just met cause he ugly and my girl
She a bunny, yeah she only jump on me
Yeah she oly jump in front me
What's the... You know we only came right here for...
Don't let your pride get in your way
I don't know why, n-gga behave...
Look to me, like they wanna die
Must be medication time, steping thirty
N-ggas very, come as f-ck remain calm
My... Refuse get in the line
... On his neck.
Do you... Bang with the best?
N-gga they rap, going to slap
I would do mali step
Murder that, who you?
I ain't never heard of that
... Me and whale like...
My future's pay for it, I'm never home
I stay tour, I stay long
My audio's like cardio
I'm so strong, I pinballs and great...
I crack your f-cking face clam
You Boogz, you fat n-gga came at me with that nice line.

[Hook: Boogz Boogetz]
Get money (x10)
I get money (x4)
She get money
We got money
Get money (x10)
I get money (x4)
She get money
We got money
Get money, get money.

[Verse 2:]

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Comments from YouTube:


RIP The Kid Bryan Callen! 😓😢😢


didnt age well


I guess we’re playing the music for Chris D’Elia’s career now

kaulana canite

He ended up awaking and slitting two guys throats and drank their blood pretty lit


He was wrapped like a mummy


RIP Bryan Callen!

Jack Torrance

Chris is the best when he’s with that sweet tart tartin ass!!!!

Jaren Smith

This was one hell of a journey to his RIP song

Steven S

TFATK brought me here

Swove's World

Couldn't believe it when Chris pulled this banger out, known this song for a while so that was a great moment

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