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by Prodigy

Yes, welcome back, to Infamous radio, 3-57 FM
I'd like to thank all the callers that called in earlier
The love is much appreciated
Ladies call up, the request lines are still open
We Playin'whatever you wanna hear
Right now, we got a special request
Gonna play this young man record right here
It's kind of fresh

Over here we tie your ass up to a chair
And throw bricks at you top speed for ya head
Slow pain, torture style
Better hope one of these shits knock you out
I enjoy watching you suffer, scream, shout
And all that badman shit out the window
And while he gone, Im having his bimbo
Live is ill, and it make sharp turns bro
Niggas is foul, they run up on you quick loc
Niggas is foul, they run up on you quick loc, and
Light you up, stop your green
From going any further, now you don't think
So tough, you think you so tough?
You need to be cool and just get your bucks
Should've been cool and just got the ones
Network with the thugs, that's all soaked in bread
Money attract women, and have you (???) in
(???) is everything, you unloyal piece of shit
Ungrateful, son of a ho
Your baby mama callin it dumb
Fucked up the dough

Now ain't that a bitch
That's life, fuck that live
I'm nice I'm high off this
Get right
Do it up big, this life
Get right live
And let die, just let go and let god
You be alright just cool man, calm
Anybody violate us, we bomb
Nigger wrong gonna do that? He dumb
Anybody that foolish, need scars
Permanent reminders
Got 'em all sick cause I spit like the virus
Boy If I get up on my shit say goodbye-us
Time for you to meet your maker, don't cry-us
It's a little bit too late now for that cryin'
I'm the fly thug poster boy
I rap for every young scrap up in the joint
I rhyme for every time my pockets was empty
Now I pop Don, pour some in the street
In memory of the old me
The one and only

Yes, wild man, I really love this record, Ernie
Ernie we need to play this more often
This young man needs. He's just... he'just bitchin'
Can I say that on the radio? yeah
Callers call up, we still have tickets available
For this years, summer (???)
Right in the projects
Bring your own bottle bitch
Now hurry up and call
Tickets are runnin' out real fast
We're gonna get into the music right now, keept it going
It's infamous, 3-5-7
Don't touch that dail
I'll blow your motherfucking hand off
Nah I'm just kiddin, you know we (???)
All right we'll be right back

Writer(s): Keith Thornton

Contributed by Hailey D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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