One Love
Prodigy Lyrics

One love, one love
One love, one love
One love, one love

Written by: L. HOWLETT

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Comments from YouTube:

Fun Guy

These graphics are still better than in the Scorpion King movie.

Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA

ahaahahha spawn and scorpion is the best ever

I laughed so much ...even Mortal Kombat 2 Motaro and Goro have better graphics

William Singht

lol, all Hollywood trash is shit, no matter how it is callin, "Scorpion King" or smth else


I actually laughed loud at this comment.

Gniewny Mędrzec

Nothing can beat CG dragon in polish "The Witcher" movie...

Dominik Krzemiński

And the Spawn movie.

Alex Bijazic

I am 46, listening to Prodigy for almost 25 years and I never heard a band like Prodigy. Pure genius.

Oh yeah. And I am not a raver or a technohead. I am a rocker.

Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA

I have 37 and literally Listen them from 1992 as an kid I first discovered Jarre, Enigma and then Prodigy, btw I still cant believe Keef is not among us anymore. I love Prodigy music, They helps me in my childhood so much ...RIP KF

Red is strong but blue is true

Me too mate, my brother got me into The Prodigy back in the day and still to this day is the only dance act I've loved.


You're a rocker, not a raver? That'll be why then, ^_^. Listen to some old skool happy hardcore, and it's similar stuff. Dune with Hardcore Vibes is a good one to start with, although Slipmatt's SMD started the genre really. If you want to continue this "One Love" vibe try Peace & Loveism - Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era. That said, of course The Prodigy are unique, and I do enjoy their tracks, =).

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