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Rock Dat Sh*t
by Prodigy

Yo, what you doin right now?... Fuck Man...
Niggas don't know what pain is man...
I got 200 needle pokes in my arm nigga...

Who be the source of this rap shit, us the bosses
PuertoRock style, 20 shanks talk shit
I rock bandanas like a gang member
But I'm an Infamous representative don't get it fucked up
I need more guns like I need more funds
Like I need more businesses for my dunns
Like I need more vehicles to make more runs
Send a rep to your doorstep hand on that arms
Sick a dog on your most valuable dun, it's war
You talk most, we splish splash the most, wet your clothes
It's fucked up, your uniform got all soaked
Pop niggas like a fish fry, take me for jokes
Silence that bitch, I put one in your throat
Don't provoke my niggas'll jump you might croak
And this little ass nigga, funny style nigga
You must got to much alcohol in your system
We bloody sport niggas that love to pick victim
Don't be a stat, you should stand back when my Infamous clique come
After I fucks I piss cum
I spit the illest shit you ever heard of
What's that outfit you rep, I never heard of
Smash y'all niggas like insects you bugged
the fuck out, like dust from Crazy Eddie
Spaghetti headed mobb niggas rhyme deadly
Rock Infamous sweatsuits and like my guns heavy
You ain't ready for a street life nigga baby
I'm too fowl, too grimey
Too much Q.B. is inside me please rewind me
I'm every blocks theme music, e'ry projects anthem
Every guns handle it's on and clap two

[Chorus x 2]
They could never get enough of it
Yo that's that shit, I need that shit, to boost my adrenaline
Yo rock that shit, that real life shit
Makes niggas want to thug it

To top it off, I'm a pretty gangsta, fly thug
All of my dunns concieted; there ain't a chick more dime than me
I let a hoe know quickly sit bitch
Let me put you on the hottest shit be
I be the H.N.I.C of the whole shit
Never let a hoe get more than I want to give
She be lucky if she get a pull of the dope
Only if she givin head to the whole clique
Aiyyo, I'm just kiddin, but yo I'm not playin
My wolves walk around the whole club schemin
Searching for a cutie that like to drink semen
Bring her to the mini mansion, told me she want to be a bunny
Said she like the way I talk dirty
I told her she had potential talk to Chinkey
P the type of vulture to fly a girl wit me
Outta state send her back to you on some freak shit
How you stink, make you want to bust your gun
Mad 'cause you know a iller nigga fucking your hun
Handle it, what more can I say
Put her on a chain, my dunns too beautiful for her to stay away

[Chorus x 4]

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