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You Can Never Feel My Pain
by Prodigy

Naw, you can never feel my pain nigga
And you can never feel my pain nigga
Never feel my pain nigga
How do I start it

Nineteen seventy four, mutherfucker I was born with pain
My moms and my pops pass it down to me
So don't talk to me about can I feel yours
'Cause I ain't feelin' you at all, your pain is impure

You cryin cause you grew from the projects
That's not pain, that's emotions, you a bitch
I'm talkin' bout permanent, physical suffering
You know nothin' about that, you just complain cause you stress

Nigga, my pain's in the flesh
And through the years that pain became my friend; sedated
With Morphine as a little kid
I built a tolerance for drugs, addicted to the medicine

Now hospital emergency treat me like a fiend
I rather die sometimes I wish a nigga O.D.
Beggin' God for help, only to find that I'm all by my god damn self
Ay, You can never feel my pain nigga


And the females ask...P, why you always look mad
Don't mind me if I may come off like that
But see, a nigga depressed, I need smoke
I need me a drink, I'm tryin' to stop those

Experience life, through the shoes of me
What you find, is you can't do that, you ain't built for it
The impact I put on this earth
Is nothin' like you ever seen or heard; so look listen

When I speak, sit up in your seat
Pay attention to the words, cause the story is deep
In and out of crisis, since before I could walk
It gave me strength though, now a days I hardly talk

It made me cold-hearted, anti, I won't play sports
I barely joke or play games, take it how you want
My handicapped took its toll on my sanity
My moms got me at the shrink at like 13

And doctors called the cops on me
'Cause I be throwin' on [unknown] and they ignore me
I gotta, try to calm down and breathe
I can only hold it but for so long; put me to sleep

Do I sound insane...
If I do, then this here was written for you
'Cause you could never feel the pain nigga


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