Project: Deadman Lyrics

Deadman PDM Project PDM

The sattelite systems attractin the voices barcode
GPS and the radiation from your cellphone
Demon clones chromosomes and yet we all condone
Mass production equals depletion of the ozone

we read your fake ass like a book

PDM tell me what does it mean
Terrifying shit that'll make a mother f**ker scream
A raising of the wicked and self inflicted

Self inflicted this life is self inflicted self inflicted

All your troubles and all you do

Wicked is how I'm depicted arrested but never convicted
Prozak, King Gordy, Tecca Ninna Self Inflicted


Get a body bag don't cross us or die slow
I'll put those niggas from your hood in a body bag

You better believe that shit is wicked and self inflicted

Cocaine drains from my nose my t-shirt stained with red

The walking dead coinsides with the devil
You see my face penetrating through your mind
My body walks the earth in vein until the end of time

Torture's like the rain through the tunnel
The ground crunches with bones as blood drips in puddles
It's kind of subtle how death embalms you
And cardiac arrest will calm you as the cemetary calls for you

Cock the hammer back let it go get my dick sucked at the show
Enemies all engulfed in flames shotgun cocks when I blow your brains
Now I'm one will inflict the pain when I diss I say no names

Bitches aint shit the scripts been flipped tonight

No rest for the angels no rest for the demons
No rest for the murder victims that are always screamin
No rest for the guilty no rest for the dead
No rest from the insane voices that are screamin in my head

We're Project Deadman and we're bringin that sound
We're from the murder glove bitch we got issues
We got the wicked shit we'll never let it down
Project Deadman more underground the hell

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Rest in Peace mother f**ker confession will make your soul crush

Nuthin to fear but fear itself on the day of the dead

All my f**kin life I been insane
And every f**kin day I feel the blood rain
And everything is saved oh it brings pain
All the wicked brains salvation some taint

It's time to go this mother f**ker's lookin shady
I saw the look in the face as they tried to play me
Get up got the nerve man it's time to go
Your off the tape man lookin like a little hoe
How much shit can a mother f**ker take?
F**k a damn hater I'm lookin for anotherbreak
Gimme reason why you think I gotta stay here
Don't worry man I'm out I got no fear

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Andre A

This track is creepy

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