Self Inflicted
Project: Deadman Lyrics

All your troubles... and all your dues...
All the evil men put out comes back to you..

[Verse 1]
It's just another day for me, I'm asking y'all to pray for me
My life is wounded fatally, you might as well just say to me you hated me
And I could comprehend and understand it
that I was the most unloving, selfish person on the planet, and granted
I know I can't go travel back through time
Nevertheless explain my super self through wicked rhyme
Livin this life through as many different phases as it takes me
And it's my own demise in my eyes I let it break me
And my salvation rely's upon the bottom of a bottle
Drugs and alcohol go through my system full throttle
Let me tell you something about this life that you don't cherish
You only live once and through them hands you let it perish
This life is self inflicted

(Self inflicted!) Self inflicted
(This life is self inflicted!) This life is self inflicted
Self inflicted
(Self inflicted!) This life is self inflicted
All your troubles.. (Self inflicted) and all your dues
(This life is self inflicted)
All the evil you put out comes back to you
(This life is self inflicted)
There's no forgiveness (Self inflicted) Can't save your soul
(This life is self inflicted)
The hell you made is a life and it can't be sold
(This life is self inflicted)
All your troubles... and all your dues...
All the evil men put out comes back to you..

[Verse 2]
With all this pain and life we goin through
what the fuck you gonna do?
When this pain decides to come back on you
You realize your life has been self inflicted
from the minute you livin till the end of your visit
On this Earth, for what it's worth
When your life don't mean shit
And all the lies that you telling is a bottomless pit
You hate yourself for all the things that you never made right
And all those people that you cheated in the midst of the night
Right from wrong, you knew the difference, had a chance and you blew it
You took everything you could from everybody and abused it
Certain situations in life you never forget
And now your tombstone the only thing it'll read is regrets


[Verse 3]
Why is everybody always singing that sad song?
Afraid to be themselves in this life, afraid to hold on
To what they know is they self lived reality
Slowly pushing even further to the edge of insanity
And them baggies that you carry witcha
And when it's time and those demons getcha
You feel them split you in half, you feel the wrath
Like a ghost from the past. The wrong path
You collapse from the shock of the aftermath
And all that time you wasted
And now it's time to face it
Your full of panic, anxiety, and eternal hatred
It's kind of funny about this life that we live
They tell you to stay positive, but instead you stay negative



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Comments from YouTube:

Evan Mouser

Damn 04... I'm old


Best ghost hunting rapper ever


love this album

H. Bubblecrunch

Possibly the most underrated Strange Music album.

Timothy Petrose

Love this album. 2018!


Tight song.

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