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Prong Lyrics

Y'all come on in now, come right on down front
I got something I want to show you
Now y'all heard of the popcorn, y'all heard of the dog
You heard about all your other dances

But now there's a brand new dance that's going around
I want to show you exactly what I'm talking about
I'm talking about the funky chicken, y'all ready?
I say y'all ready, okay, here we go
You raise the left arm up and your right arm too
Let me tell you just what to do, start both of 'em to flapping
Start your feet to kicking, that's when you know
You doin' the funky chicken

Slick and spasm, you put both arms up, across your face
You knees start wiggling, all over the place
You flap your arms and your feet start kicking
Then you know you doin' the funky chicken

Oh, I'm feeling it now, I feel so unnecessary
This is the kind, this is the kind of stuff
To make you feel like you want to do something nasty
Like waste some chicken gravy on your white shirt
Right down front, here we go y'all

You work both arms and you work both feet
Use a dab of gravy, you right on the beat
You flap your arms and your feet start kicking
Then you know, you doin' the funky chicken

Doin' the funky chicken, y'all
Doin' the funky chicken, y'all
Doin' the funky chicken, y'all

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Comments from YouTube:

Adrien Gadson

When metal was good!

Raven / Fuck Antifa

One of my favorite songs by Prong \../

Raven / Fuck Antifa

@Sathington Waltz No, I just hate the organization 'Antifa' and their wannabe-communist members.

Sathington Waltz

Fuck antifa huh? You a fascist?

Rusty Kuntz

and 2:52, MY GOD, what a heavy crunching break down.

Ash Kroft

daggum. still good. 2019.


Picture a dude at the gym, pressing 450, when suddenly he drops the bar, tremoring. His fellow gym rats gather 'round, not sure if he's dead or if a " you ok bro?" will revive him.  A brain hemorrhage, or was this song just too much?


I fully support listening to this while driving 135 miles an hour on the highway.

Dragon's Red

My god I love this song and this whole album. I have not listened to it in too long. Still sounds fresh.

Amy Warren

Awesome still.

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