Prong Lyrics

I comprehend these laws with no particulars
The trappings of it all can never give in turn
A concept of counsel of the inner wealth
Perception of the dark all in you stealth
A sublime substance controlled abstinence sublime
Success unworldly happiness a pointed
Eloquence in its sublimity precision eminence of all solemnity
For the inner wealth perception of the dark all in your stealth a
Necessary call, a law a perspective change, a law

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Comments from YouTube:

Dennis Mohican

isn't that opening beautiful, and then some heavy raw, then some beautiful, then some raw, then some beautiful, then....... so good!
Fucking A!!!

Satans Slave

really just like this (: sounds beautiful. sublime indeed

adrian magallanes

Temazo , tenía ese disco , tremendo !!!!


I comprehend these laws with no particulars


I could sure use a whole bunch more heavy metal bands learning to groove like this !

moronic Dooshbaggery

So tight
Great song
Unworldly happiness

Gerrie Hendriks

Prong is great!

Emmanuel Aulis França

Uma das melhores e mais originais bandas do mundo. Prong é um marco.

James K.

Pantera have been called the pioneers of "Groove Metal". No disrespect to Pantera, because I love that band greatly, but Prong were pioneering "Groove Metal" when Pantera were still choking on hairspray.


+Joshua Pelton Prong and Helmet for sure, they were on another level and mixed genres for fun, incredibly influential bands. Biohazard had the groove too, also Life of Agony especially on their debut album. There was a lot of heavy groove around in the 90's, Sepultura, Exhorder, Acid Bath, Fear Factory and Machine Head too.

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