Nortinas War
Protistas Lyrics

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Son los lobos que van
hacía el mar
porque la sal
nos hace flotar
morir en paz

Son los lobos que van
hacia el mar
porque la sal
nos hace flotar

morir en paz

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Protistas's song Nortinas War speak to the relentless search for inner peace and freedom, even in the face of inevitable death. The wolves referenced in the song represent the natural instinct to survive and seek out a better life, even if that means traveling towards the uncertain and unknown. The salt water is also used as a symbol for the fluidity of life, and how it can lift one up while also causing great pain and sorrow.

The repeated phrase "déjanos, morir en paz" which translates to "let us die in peace" hints at a deep longing for the end of struggle and perhaps a hope for a better life in the afterlife. The beauty of the lyrics lies in the acceptance of the impermanence of life and the acknowledgment that death is inevitable. However, instead of despairing, the lyrics seek to find meaning and contentment in the moment, even if it means surrendering to the unknown.

Ultimately, the lyrics of Nortinas War invite listeners to reflect on the constant tug of war between our primal instincts for survival and the existential desire for inner peace and freedom. It is a poignant reminder that life is unpredictable and that we must embrace the unknown and live life in the present moment.

Line by Line Meaning

Son los lobos que van
Like wolves headed to the sea, we are on a journey.

hacía el mar
Our destination is the vast, open ocean.

porque la sal
Saltwater sustains us, keeping us afloat.

nos hace flotar
The buoyancy of the sea gives us hope.

Let us be,

morir en paz
At peace with the knowledge of our eventual end.

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